Centurion Is Proud to Announce New Senior Program Manager, Stephanie Clemons

We are thrilled to introduce Stephanie Clemons, Senior Program Manager at Centurion. With over two decades of experience in the federal and commercial technical services industry, Stephanie brings a wealth of knowledge and a proven record of success. In our recent interview, Stephanie shares her journey from technical recruiting to managing major federal integrator clients, and how her passion for making a difference drives her work. Join us as we delve into her insights on the evolving landscape of IT Services, her personal anecdotes, and her vision for the future at Centurion.

What is your background and how do you feel like it has prepared you to take on this new role at Centurion?

I began my career in the business over 20 years ago as a technical recruiter. Back then, I was teamed with Blaine Smith who was an Account Manager at the time, and together we ventured into both the commercial and federal IT sector. It was both of our first jobs in IT services sales. As his Recruiting Delivery Lead, we achieved significant success together at the company we were working for, expanding our reach in the DC market.

I continued my career in account management and business development, servicing major clients like Freddie Mac, Geico, and others, significantly growing our presence. Later, I moved to another company focused on business development, working extensively with both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac during the mortgage crisis. This role involved regular collaboration with decision-makers to identify the necessary skill sets for their deliverables.

Eventually, I joined Intelligent Decisions, marking my deeper foray into the government sector. Starting when the company had 180 employees and growing it to almost 700, I played a key role in its growth to a large enterprise within three years. I supported proposals for both Civilian and DoD projects with multiple awards and managed all recruiting and delivery efforts for awarded programs and internal hires.

Around that time, Blaine and I reconnected. His company had secured Wells Fargo as a major customer, and Wells Fargo was based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Both Blaine and Theresa needed someone to set up and lead the office in both onshore and offshore recruiting efforts. I eagerly accepted the challenge, stating, “Put me in, coach.”

I worked there until about five years ago, after which I joined a small, Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Business based in Washington, DC. My role was to establish a professional services program within the company. This involved not only supporting their awarded projects but also assisting other small businesses that lacked a recruiting engine to meet their deliverables or win new awards.

What are you most looking forward to as Centurion’s new Senior Program Manager?

I am incredibly excited about the opportunity with Centurion. It feels like coming home, slipping into those comfortable slippers with people I know and trust—it’s like reuniting with family. Beyond the familiar faces and camaraderie, I am thrilled about the chance to make a significant impact with some of Centurion’s major federal integrator clients.

This role allows me to delve deeply into their programs and initiatives, leveraging my experience to provide maximum value. I am eager to contribute to their ongoing success and help drive their projects forward, ensuring we meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. The prospect of working on such high-impact programs and collaborating with a team that feels like home is truly exhilarating, and I cannot wait to get started.

Interesting Facts About Stephanie

I live in Charlotte, North Carolina, which is where my husband was raised. For him, moving back to Charlotte was like a boomerang coming home. We have three wonderful children. Two are grown and have already left the nest, while our youngest, our daughter, is currently a sophomore in college. We also have two dogs, as our family loves animals. Interestingly, this is the smallest number of pets we have ever had.

As for hobbies, I am an oil painter and sculptor. Recently, I have started working with clay, which I find immensely enjoyable. It is fascinating how similar it feels to my professional life; just as you mold and shape clay, in work, you take clients and help shape their paths and growth.

When it comes to vacationing, I have lived in many places—Germany, Alaska, and various parts of the U.S. Although I do not have a single favorite vacation spot, my husband is a beach enthusiast, while my daughter and I are more about experiences like exploring cities and visiting museums. We share a love for art, and she too is an artist.

Recently, my daughter and I took a girls’ trip to Quebec City, Canada. It was a fantastic experience, akin to visiting a mini-Paris but with the added charm of Canadian friendliness. We enjoyed great French food, admired beautiful art, strolled along quaint cobblestone streets, and took in the picturesque hills and abundant walking paths. It was a truly memorable trip, and we enjoyed every moment of it.

Interested in connecting with Stephanie? Contact her through Centurion’s site or follow her on LinkedIn!


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