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Centurion Consulting Group serves mission critical information technology, operation, and business projects and programs for numerous Federal Civilian and Federal Independent agencies. Engaged in Modernization, Digital Transformation, Agile, and Business Optimization efforts, we leverage experience, technology and talent to deliver results by solving complex business and technical requirements. Invested in the Technology Industry for over 25 years, our leadership has delivered relevant solutions efficiently and effectively for our clients’ complex business and technology challenges, allowing our customers to engage proven resources and drive program success through our collaborative, trusted, and cost-effective service offerings.

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Centurion Consulting Group supports Public Health systems, information technology development, data solutions, and UI/UX website design efforts to help improve clinical research, enhance health resources, and modernize and transform Medical Services offered to US Citizens. Our efforts include work performed for Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Health Resources and Services Administration, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research.

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Centurion Consulting Group has engaged, teamed, and is in current proposal efforts for contract and workforce support efforts serving mission critical work for the Department of Defense and various Intelligence agencies to include US Army, US Air Force, DIA, NGA, and Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence. We partner with our prime system integrator partners and federal agencies to serve their Information Technology requirements in support of the warfighter, system modernization, digital transformation, security, and development needs. Our offerings include Application Development, Software Engineering, Infrastructure and Technology Support, Agile Solutions, Cyber Security, and Data Solutions. We provide these services as a Prime Contractor or Subcontractor engaged in T&M, Labor Hour, or Firm Fixed Price efforts to help agencies move from unsupported applications to cutting edge technologies in helping to transform and modernize their systems for improved efficiency and effectiveness.

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541330 - Engineering Services
541511 - Custom Computer Programming Services
541512 - Computer Systems Design Services
541513 - Computer Facilities Management Services
541519 - Other Computer Related Services
541611 - Administrative and General Mgmt Consulting Services
541612 - Human Resources Consulting Services
541613 - Marketing Consulting Services

541618 - Other Management Consulting Services
541690 - Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
541711 - Research and Development in Biotechnology
541990 - Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
561311 - Employment Placement Agencies
561312 - Executive Search Services
561320 - Temporary Help Services
611430 - Professional and Management Development Training

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  • DF10 – IT and Telecom – IT Management as a Service
  • DB01 – IT and Telecom – High Performance Computing (HPC) Support Services (Labor)
  • DA01 – IT and Telecom – Business Application / Application Development Support Services (Labor)
  • DJ01 – IT and Telecom – Security Compliance Support Services (Labor)
  • DE02 – IT and Telecom – Mobile Device Support Services (Labor)
  • DF01 – IT and Telecom – IT Management Support Services (Labor)
  • R431 – Support- Professional: Human Resources
  • DG11 – IT and Telecom – Network: Telecom Access Services
  • DG10 – IT and Telecom – Network as a Services
  • DE01 – IT and Telecom – End User Support Services: Conferencing, AV, Helpdesk, Deskside Support, Workspace, Printers, Collaboration and Productivity Tools (Labor)
  • R408 – Support – Professional: Program Management / Support
  • R499 – Support – Professional: Other
  • DD01 – IT and Telecom – Service Delivery Support Services: ITSM, Operations Center, IT Program / Project Management (Labor)
  • DK01 – IT and Telecom – Storage Support Services (Labor)
  • DA10 – IT and Telecom – Business Application / Application Development Software as a Service
  • DG01 – IT and Telecom – Network Support Services (Labor)
  • DE10 – IT and Telecom – End User as a Service: Conferencing, AV, Helpdesk, Deskside Support, Workspace, Printers, Collaboration and Productivity Tools
  • DE11 – IT and Telecom – Mobile Device as a Service
  • DH01 – IT and Telecom – Platform Support Services: Database, Mainframe, Middleware (Labor)
  • DK10 – IT and Telecom – Storage as a Service
  • DH10 – IT and Telecom – Platform as a Service: Database, Mainframe, Middleware
  • DJ10 – IT and Telecom – Security and Compliance as a Service
  • R425 – Support – Professional: Engineering / Technical
  • DB02 – IT and Telecom – Compute Support Services, Non-HPC (Labor)