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Why Zero Trust Security is Essential for Government Agencies

Ransomware attacks continue to rise, and government agencies must have the tools and methodologies to play defense. But what are some technology trends that help agencies fight the government security battle? An essential tool that agencies should begin to utilize if they haven’t already is zero trust security. Here’s all you need to know.

What is zero trust security?

Oftentimes, servers are hacked through phishing attacks. While other cybersecurity approaches attempt to keep attackers from creeping in, zero trust security assumes that attackers already exist and have access to these servers. Through this mindset, cybersecurity professionals use this approach to begin adding layers of security through creating multiple steps users must take to ensure the user is an authorized individual.

Why is it beneficial?

With the rise of ransomware attacks, agencies need to make quick decisions to help maintain the integrity of government security. This means choosing an approach that is able to be put in place fast. With zero trust security, agencies don’t have to start over –this approach allows you to build upon what you already have and create more hoops to jump through for further protection.

Additionally, investing in zero trust now will save government agencies sky-high cyber insurance costs down the road, as these policies become cheaper for agencies who implement security best practices.

What makes it different?

As we mentioned previously, this approach assumes that servers and devices are already compromised, meaning it trusts no one. Zero trust strays from previous cybersecurity approaches, creating an extra layer of protection through the continuous questioning of users. Although it may take some time to close the skills gap and educate teams on this newer process, it is well worth it to reduce cyberattacks and compromised data and information.

Has your agency implemented zero trust security? This methodology is sure to enhance the protection of government security and is now considered a must-have. If you have any other questions about cybersecurity in government, please feel free to reach out to us –we’d love to chat! Additionally, check out our other blogs for more technology insights!

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