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Centurion services both the Public Sector and Private Sector with IT Services and Solutions via our Technology Services and Project Services offerings.  Developed from three decades of experience and time-tested best practices, we were fortunate to create an industry deep and wide understanding of what it takes to build and manage successful IT Services firms for private sector and federal contracting.  We invite you to learn more about our offerings.

In the current market, there is a major emphasis on companies to stay abreast of cutting-edge technology and leverage the latest technology trends to bolster their capabilities and grow their business. This requires an aggressive workforce management strategy relying on diversification and the agility to react to an ever-changing landscape. There is no one-size-fits-all - each business scenario may need a different solution. Centurion has the flexibility to support your hiring needs through various options.

Our approach in servicing client companies and hiring managers is focused around a specific set of engagement opportunities. The primary and secondary engagement opportunities that are centric to the service offerings of Centurion are:

IT Project Services
Technology Consulting


Today's Information Technology workforce recruitment strategy for private industry and the Federal Government changes each year with consistent new developments in social media, brand awareness tools, job boards and search engines, applicant tracking systems, and the list goes on.  Centurion has over two decades of experience in sourcing, screening, identifying, hiring, training, and developing some of the industries top talent acquisition, sourcing, and recruiting talent.  We understand the client requirements and needs for contract recruiting resources to meet the demands of multi-year federal programs, surge staffing efforts, and enterprise wide IT initiatives that require multi year, long term, and/or short term solutions for workforce acquisition.  Centurion partners with our client hiring managers to understand their needs, the company's technical environment and most importantly, the culture of their team in order to find the optimal match for their contracting recruiting and/or sourcing needs to deliver the optimum solution.

If you need to augment your internal staff, prepare for surge work, or engage in multi-year program initiatives, engage Centurion for your Talent Acquisition needs.


Managing the resource demands of projects and accounting for the peaks and valleys is an arduous task for all of us.  Whether a client is looking to hire one Centurion consultant or engage an entire technical project team, Centurion has the flexibility and scalability to meet these requirements.  We work with our business partner's leadership to fully define the role of our staff to be engaged, with regard to skill qualifications necessary to succeed, and furthering the match making process by delineating the organizational fit that would be ideal for a successful individual in that role.  We do this by collaborating with our client's management team and technology leads to determine the specific traits, background, and experience from our firm that would work best in serving their team environment and culture.

Armed with this detailed information, our Talent Acquisition team sets out to match the right Centurion consultant for the project, which includes engaging our time tested sourcing and recruiting practices to identify the correct candidate for employment and engagement on the project.  As part of a relentless screening process: Starting from sourcing potential applicants, to behavioral interviewing, to complete validation of all information and experience collected, the most viable candidates are sent for review to our client leadership and technology teams.  Once the correct technology candidate is identified, we begin the process of engaging, onboarding, and deploying our technology consultants, aka Centurions, through a well-defined touch-point strategy to ensure the project engagement is optimal for all parties.

IT Management Consulting


We service our clients with time-learned best practices to ensure their organization's collective success by delivering coaching, management consulting, and training services for the professional services industry.

Using research, collaborative analysis, and advisement, we help make our clients lives better in raising their businesses performance more effectively and efficiently.  Over the course of the engagement, we focus consistently on 5 Key questions:  Who, What, Why, When, and Where, then ensure valuable guidance with How and How Much in the implementation.

Through a combination of assessment and/or development, we offer relevant insight, guidance, and solutions so our clients can establish the right approach for their organization.

Technology Project Services


Through an expansive and loyal network of technology consultants coupled with over 20 years' experience servicing IT project engagements, we are uniquely qualified to service our clients through our Project Consulting services.

Need technology candidate resources? Need a full project team?  Need to manage costs while maintaining control?  Centurion Project Consulting. 

A customized offering that allows our clients to engage with a single business partner to provide the entire project consulting team while maintaining overall project management responsibility.  We recruit, qualify and hire the entire project consulting team, from members to team leadership.  

This includes all roles involved in the full life cycle development from requirement analysis to development and testing through implementation and maintenance.  We provide the project management, engagement leadership and team labor, while our clients maintain total control of the  direction of the project.  Our project and engagement managers utilize the proven project delivery methodology consistent with your organization (agile, waterfall, etc.) to oversee the team personnel and level of effort.

Engage our Project Consulting service offerings:

  • Application Development - Packaged software implementation, application and mobile development, and remediation
  • Agile Project Management Solutions - Scrum Master, Coaching, Organizational change management and PMO governance
  • Talent Acquisition Delivery Solutions - Resource schedule, quality, scope, and deliverable management