The current worker shortage has created severe delays in the supply chain. With supply chain managers scrambling to find a solution, many have turned to artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to solve their problems. AI technology increases efficiency, in addition to reducing the number of workers needed

Overview Virtual reality (VR) is growing across all segments of education, from K-12 to higher education, to vocational training. VR offers a unique way of hands-on learning in the classroom. What are the benefits of using virtual reality in the classroom? How possible is it? What

What Is Healthcare Informatics Health Informatics. Information Systems. Health Data Systems. What does it all mean? Health Informatics is where health records are organized and analyzed to improve healthcare outcomes. Health Informatic scientists and engineers collect, analyze, and implement patient solutions. The data can come from a

The concept of the metaverse is not new. The metaverse has grown significantly in 2021. Do you need to prepare for the metaverse? Will it have a significant role?   What is the Metaverse? In the most basic terms, the metaverse is a 3D version of the internet.

[caption id="attachment_7541" align="alignright" width="300"] Is cloud technology cheaper? How effective are cloud cost management tools? Are multi-cloud technologies more secure?[/caption]   The public sector was no exception to the accelerated need to adopt cloud technology during the pandemic. The demand for remote workers happened overnight, and the