Centurion Credo


Centurion Consulting Group, LLC is a Woman-Owned Small Business specializing in IT solutions and management consulting services for the Federal government and private industry. We expect integrity from ourselves as well as our business partners and endeavor to earn trust through collaboration, people-centric solutions, and delivery excellence. Mission-driven, we serve a balanced commitment to ensuring financial success, promoting social responsibility, and strengthening our community by giving back to those in need.


  • To generate an expansive group of trusted partners that actively engage as true advocates for sustainable growth in our community, environment, and profit.
  • To inspire through servant leadership, learned expertise, and unrelenting commitment to excellence for delivery of comprehensive services and solutions.

Core Values


We are honest, respectful, ethical, and of high moral character with uncompromised integrity in our beliefs and actions. We do what we say we will do.


We are driven by our oaths, commitments and obligations. We believe genuine loyalty comes from a caring heart with unconditional trust. Tenured partnerships start simply with a handshake.


We welcome all knowledge, experience and ideas to discern the best path for solving the challenges we face. We follow to lead and lead to follow.


We compassionately recognize our collective human responsibility to serve others. We are grateful to give back to help hope and kindness flourish in society.


We persistently aspire for out-of-the-box creativity with objective thinking. We are never afraid of change or failure. We continually shoot for the stars yet find balance and infinite optimism in our learning along the way.